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Philips-9399 Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit

Philips-9399 Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit

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Philips' Pocket Memo Dictation and Transcription Starter Kit LFH9399 provides all the necessary elements for dictation and transcription in the modern workplace - and other applicable environments. In addition to including the LFH9375 Digital Recorder this kit also includes a USB foot control, stereo headphones, and SpeechExec Transcribe and SpeechExec Dictate software. You'll be ready to record and transcribe from day one with this all-encompassing kit.


The LFH9375 is a high-end voice recorder that features intuitive 'Smart Buttons', professional editing functions, and the ability to record in DSS and MP3 formats. Record to SD/SDHC memory cards with this recorder and utilize up to 10 individual author IDs for organized files.


The included foot control and headphones make transcription a breeze. Start and stop the recording with the foot pedal, and hear every last detail without external distractions. The included software makes for quick work - and allows for easy retrieval of your files at any time. You can also use the software to prioritize jobs, track status info, and view work in progress.

Professional Recording Solution
  • Recharge the batteries via USB
  • Professional editing functions
  • Intuitive control with 'Smart buttons'
  • Push buttons for single handed operation
  • High recording quality in DSS and MP3 formats
  • SD/SDHC expansion slot for unlimited recording
  • Ten individual author IDs for organization of dictations
Professional Transcription Solution
  • Job status information allows work to be tracked
  • Efficient handling of sound files for fast job retrieval
  • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription
  • Priority setting allows authors to easily define urgent jobs
  • Ergonomic foot control and headphones for professional use
  • Professional editing functions
  • 2 smart buttons
  • Author ID setting
  • File lock
  • Multiple language support: 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Control via push buttons
  • Priority setting
  • Voice activated recording
  • Automatic software updates

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