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CM-909S 3.5mm Conference Microphone with Battery

CM-909S 3.5mm Conference Microphone with Battery

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Save the spoken word, discreetly and unobtrusively! The CM-909 microphones provide an excellent way to conduct one-on-one conversations or group and conference discussions with distortion-free clarity.




Though our CM series of conference microphones are small in size they are truly big on performance. Just 2 1/4 inches square in size, the CM-909 and 909S models feature an omni-directional pick-up enameling them to record conversations from anywhere in a room while monitoring and adjusting to acoustical changes. Placed at the center of a conference table, our CM Conference microphones enable you to conduct simultaneous group discussions at normal volume levels with the assurance that all parties will be heard clearly with distortion-free clarity. The CM-909 and 909S come with 10 foot connector cords and 3.5mm plugs.


The CM-909 is a non battery powered microphone for use with powered jacks from a handheld digital recordersuch as Olympus or Dictaphone. Please check the manual for your digital recorder to see if yours has a powered jack. Note: Sony digital recorders may not have a powered jack. Also, may work with some PC's but we do not guarantee that it will work with your PC.


The CM-909S is a battery-powered microphone for use with non powered jacks. ( Such as Sony digital recorders.) The CM-909S microphone comes with a long-lasting Lithium battery and an On/Off power switch so it can also be used with powered jacks.

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