DigiTel 4 Line DT104USB Call-In Dictation System

$ 1,949


Simply dial a phone number, enter a PIN and dictate!  Your DigiTel is always ready for your call.  With the ease of touch-tone control, start or pause your dictation, listen to it, or send it off for immediate transcription.  Access and operate your DigiTel from any touch-tone phone including landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones, and dictate stations.

Just install the DigiTel software and connect the DigiTel Pod or Pods to your pc’s usb port and to your phone lines.  Then you’re ready to enroll users, set their preferences, and view system activity.  And its friendly prompts help each user get their work done with ease.

Each user enters their User-ID (PIN) and an optional Password to gain access to the system to ensure that only authorized users dictate into your DigiTel system. Each user’s dictations are recorded directly onto your pc so they’re instantly available to your transcriptionist.  Each dictation file is clearly identified with the Authors Name, Date and Time of Dictation, and optional Work-Type Numbers and Reference Numbers that the user entered.

And the dictation files use standard wav or vox encoding, so your transcriptionist or secretary can use their favorite audio player to play the files.  If you need an audio player, ask the Dictation and Transcription Pros for available options.  (Recommended:  Philips 7277 or Olympus AS-5000)

Each user's dictations can be kept on the same pc that DigiTel is running on, or sent across your network, or sent by FTP.

And each user can listen to the system's prompts in the language of their choice.




Up to 32 users can call in at the same time, from any phone, 24/7.

Dictation files are instantly available to transcribe, on the local pc, across your network, or remotely via email attachment or via transfer to FTP folders.

Control your dictation session (record, pause, play, indicate priority, separate dictations, and more) via your phone's touch-tone keys.

Up to 2000 users can use the system, each with their own custom settings.

The user prompts are by default in English.  They are also available in UK English, Spanish, French, and German.

The dictation files can be played by Professional Transcription Software or any "wav player".

Driven by adaptable software.


Installation, setup, and use is very easy.  

Up to eight DigiTel Pods connect easily to your pc's USB ports and the Pod is very compact so it doesn't take up valuable desk space.

Then simply connect one to four standard (analog) phone lines to a Pod's RJ-11 jacks.

The phone lines can be direct from the phone company, or extensions from a PBX, or from VoIP Cable Modems that pass touch-tones from the calling party through to the phone line.

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