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DigiTel Report Genie

DigiTel Report Genie

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ReportGenie imports DigiTel Log Book data from one or more DigiTel Systems.  It lets you select a date range so you can import only the data that is important to you.  And you can select work from 1 to 4 DigiTel Systems, individually or combined together.




Once the data is imported, you can apply a wide range of Report Criteria so you can further sort the data into reports of your choosing.  You can easily define reports to show All Files, just Priority Files, or by any combinations of Report Criteria that has meaning to you.  For example, you can show work from just one user, or from a group of users (by sorting by the Department Number), or by work sent to a transcriptionist or a pool of transcriptionists, and by many other ways too.


And you can set Invoice criteria for each report so that the report will display a total Invoice amount for the dictation files listed in that report.