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Olympus DR-1000 Executive Kit

Olympus DR-1000 Executive Kit

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As part of the first set of desktop dictation tools introduced by Olympus, the Directrec DR-1000 boasts features inherent to both professional and general dictation devices and is designed for convenience and comfort, allowing for many hours of consecutive use. The included software helps you automate, streamline and manage files at a whole new level while an advanced configuration tool lets you customize frequently used buttons and allocate specific functions for increased flexibility. POINTING DEVICE. The 360-degree mouse-pointing sensor enables intuitive control ranging from fine to rapid movements since it does not have any mechanical components, and provides virtually maintenance-free reliability without breaking, wearing out, or sticking. The Olympus DR-1000 executive kit comes with:

  • The DR-1000 dictation device
  • The DSS Player Pro Software