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Olympus DS-5000 Professional Digital Recorder

Olympus DS-5000 Professional Digital Recorder

  • 44999

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Slide Switch Operation. Quiet and easy to use four-position slide switch results in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity. It also boasts an improved new button for extra reliability.


DSS Player Pro Software. A fully featured professional software tool that is simple to use and lets you manage your recordings easily. Provides automatic retrieval of typed documents, automatic distribution of recordings via email/FTP, and automatic encryption and decryption of dictations. Updates available through the Internet, and supports device customization and multiple file formats.


Better Sound Quality and Verbal Comment Function. With QP (Quality Playback) recording mode, you’ll have supreme sound quality with each use. Verbal comment function allows transcriptionist to instantly search and play back instructions on their computer.


Three Programmable Buttons and Centralized Navigation Buttons. Customize your own settings to suit your dictation needs with the three programmable buttons. Also can be programmed for additional functionality and flexibility. Easy data input with the centralized button location.


Device Lock Function with Password (Biometric Fingerprint Lock on DS-5000iD). Lock or password protect your files to keep them safe and secure. Lock down the DS-5000iD with the Biometric Fingerprint Lock Function to keep your data safe and secure.


Multi-Function Cradle and Long Memory. Recharges the Ni-MH battery pack, allows hands-free recording, and provides for fast and easy uploading/downloading of data to your PC. Also supports SD and Micro SD dual memory cards for extra capacity.

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