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The SpeechExec Pro Transcribe 7257 professional transcription software lightens the everyday workload of the busy transcriptionist. Advanced features allow ever increasing dictation volumes to be handled efficiently, while a clear and transparent overview of pending jobs, job notifications and actual job information during transcription allows documents to be created more quickly and with greater accuracy. This innovative transcription solution allows you to create an efficient, smooth-running and stress-free working environment for transcriptionist.

Key benefits

  • Visual workflow management enables priority documents to be transcribed in order of preference
  • Actual job information during transcription provides all relevant dictation data, such as • length, author name, key words and priority status
  • Individual organization of workload with multiple sort/filter options
  • Clear job overview (dictation, author information, length etc.) allows more efficient • organization and planning of workloads
  • “New job" alarm for immediate transcription start
  • Excellent DSS sound quality
  • Automatic transfer of dictation files via network, e-mail and FTP
  • Speech recognition-ready

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