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Philips LFH 9160 Digital LAN Docking Station

Philips LFH 9160 Digital LAN Docking Station

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The innovative Philips LAN Docking Station adds an entirely new dimension to PC-free file transfer. It allows dictations to be transferred via LAN from the Digital Pocket Memo directly to the transcriptionist. Free of geographical constraint: dictations can be sent to any destination, whether to the room next door or anywhere in the world. There is no need to connect the docking station to a PC, no need for software, and only minimum user training is necessary. It can also be set up and maintained via remote configuration. Encryption and password protection on the Digital Pocket Memo ensure that dictations can be sent securely over the company network or the Internet.


Simplify the dictation workflow
• Upload the dictation files from your Digital Pocket Memo directly to the network, bypassing your PC or any other application.
• Reduce document turnaround time by transferring files directly to a transcriptionist.

Guaranteed high security
• Secure file transfer supported via SFTP
• Password protection for secure configuration access
• Theft protection with Kensington lock

Easy maintenance
• Platform independence enables easy configuration via a Web browser
• Centralized set-up and administration for multiple Docking Stations
• Minimum user training required

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