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Sanyo ICR-FP600D Digital Recorder

Sanyo ICR-FP600D Digital Recorder

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* Not designed for business use.

The Sanyo ICR-FP600D digital voice recorder is an excellent choice for college students, reporters, conference attendees, and music enthusiasts; providing uncompromising audio recording quality in a sleek, compact design. For work, for school, or for play, it combines important functionality in an easy-to-carry, user-friendly design. It offers MP3 recording and virtually unlimited recording time using removable SD memory cards (SD memory card not included).


High Quality MP3 Recording Format
The SANYO ICR-FP600D delivers amazing recordings in MP3 format (up to 192k bits per second encoding) with built-in microphone, or when using an external stereo microphone or line input. This convenient, easy-to-use, universal file format makes sharing audio files a breeze – there is no special conversion software required. Simply record, download, and attach via e-mail – it’s that easy!


Up to 544 Hours of Recording (with optional 8GB SDHC card)  
The ICR-FP600D is a high-end digital voice recorder which can be used in numerous settings and environments. Users may choose to purchase high capacity memory cards – up to 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Cards which provide up to 544 hours of recording time (in LP recording mode). To put this in perspective, a typical college student would be able to record every lecture, from every class, onto one SD card for an entire semester! *

* Based on a typical 16 week college semester x 5 classes x 6 hour lecture time per class, per week, equals 480 hours recording time.


29 Hour Battery Life* (“AAA” alkaline battery) 
With core expertise in the development of energy-efficient electronics design, SANYO provides an industry-leading 29 hours of battery life using a single “AAA” alkaline battery; a clear advantage to the user when recording key meetings, conferences and other events.


Built-in Microphone and External Stereo Microphone Input  
The ICR-FP600D has been designed to deliver uncompromising audio recordings at an affordable price. The built-in microphone provides clear, pristine recording of the audio source along with other elements in the recorded space (i.e., natural reverberation, etc). When using an external stereo recording, the user may gain a truer sense of the relative positioning and distance of each sound source to one another.

The High/Medium/Low sensitivity switch enables the user to properly adjust the microphone to pick up nearby sounds (i.e., dictation) or sounds from further away (conference, lecture hall, etc.). During the recording process, the user can easily monitor both the input recording levels as well as the recordable time remaining (which is based on the remaining storage available on the SD/SDHC memory card).


Playback Speed Control + 200% - 50% (MP3 files)  
A powerful feature included in the ICR-FP600D is the ability to adjust playback speeds from -50% to +200% speed. This allows users to adjust the playback speed – up or down, making it easier to understand and transcribe voice files. Repeat playback mode can be assigned to either a single file, to all files in a single folder, or between two preset points in a single file.


Voice Activated System (VAS) Technology  
Sanyo’s Voice Activated System (VAS) technology automatically starts recording when the unit senses sound levels which are above a minimum, user-adjustable, threshold level. The unit will pause a recording when the voice level falls below the minimum, user-adjustable, threshold level. This allows the ICR-FP600D to be set to VAS mode and have audible sounded automatically recorded. It also makes it much easier to assure that periods of silence will not be recorded and that storage space is not wasted.

The unit can also be set to “AUTO” when a recording is made using external equipment. In this mode and while recording, if there is period of silence which lasts two seconds or more, the recording will stop and a file is written to the SD memory card. Then, when a sound is produced once again, it will restart recording as a new, separate file. This allows the user to create separate files based on contiguous sound.


Preset Equalizers (EQ) 
The ICR-FP600D features a useful set of built-in equalizers (EQs) which allow the user to tailor the sound of the music or other audio content to match to the listener’s tastes. These sophisticated built-in EQs include BASS (low tones emphasized), POP (low tones and high tones emphasized slightly), ROCK (low tones and high tones greatly emphasized), JAZZ (mid tones emphasized), OFF (Normal EQ). These options give the user more precise control of the tonal balance of the recorded content during playback.


Recording from External Sources 
In addition to recording audio using its built-in microphone or external stereo microphone, the ICR-FP600D also allows the user to record to its LINE input from external sound equipment such as CD players, portable players and component stereos.


Timer Recording Features 
Recording can be started automatically at a designated time. Timer recording allows the unit to enter a “standby recording” mode until the timer will allow automatic recording to begin.


Easy File Management 
Managing audio files has never been easier. With folders conveniently named MIC, LINE, MUSIC and DATA, it is easy to locate recorded files based on the recording method used. The MIC and LINE folders can support up to 199 files each. The “MUSIC” folder is used for transferring MP3 audio or song files from a PC files, making the ICR-FP600D a powerful, portable music player. Up to 500 storage folders can be created with each holding up to 199 files each.


SANYO Voice Recorders – Over 40 Years of Excellence 
The SANYO brand is synonymous with quality portable recording products. The company has been a worldwide leader in dictation products for more than 40 years and is at the forefront of digital voice recorder technology. SANYO industry leading features include:

  • Superior sound quality with built-in MP3 recording capability
  • Expandable solid state memory card recording
  • Integrated USB connectors
  • Extended use - long battery life
  • Ultra-portable designs


Sanyo’s digital voice recorder line is built upon this rich heritage. With the integration of core competencies in renewable energy Sanyo digital voice recorders are raising the bar.